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Leonid Lozbenko

"Think beyond all boundaries"

Graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London.

‘There are so many ideas in the world, but not many people, who believe in them. Why? Implementing and turning an idea into reality is a hard and an unforgiving experience. Only a few people are able to bravely close their eyes and go forward. You may only see a brighter future if you have learned to completely dismiss your present routine.’

The creation of “lllooch” was inspired by the fact that there are very little contemporary and quality products coming out of Russia. By using lllooch as an example, Leonid aims to demonstrate that it is possible to develop and manufacture high-quality products in Russia.

In the near future, Leonid aims to create a collection of smart interior products. He believes that smart new technology should serve peoples’ interests at home as well as anywhere else. Furniture, lighting and even children’s toys may interact with each other in order to ensure the safety of their owners, their convenience, and their entertainment. Above all, the home and items in it should be working and taking care of you.